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Professional Services

We provide a wide range of surveying and mapping services to meet your needs

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Building Setback and Grading/Drainage Certifications

Keep the City/County happy

For new construction the City or County building inspector will want a building setback letter stamped by a licensed land surveyor. Many times an architect will place the building right on the setback line leaving no room for error. It's a good idea to have the surveyor place the offset stakes for the new structure to be sure the seback letter can be issued at the appropriate time. The City or County will also require a grading and drainage certification from their surveyor stating that the grading was done per the approved site plan.

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Construction Staking

Accuracy  counts

We provide construction staking services for new residences, additions, small commercial projects and utility surveys. You can expect accuracy and reliability for our crew being on site when they are needed.

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Easement analysis & preparation

Sorting through your title report

Having analyzed thousands of title report exceptions we can plot easements affecting your property on the boundary survey. Also if new easements are needed, we can draft the appropriate legal descriptions and exhibit maps suitable for recordation.

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ALTA/NSPS  Surveys

Land Title Surveys

We provide ALTA/NSPS land title surveys for public and private clients. An ALTA survey will show boundary lines, easements affecting the property and client-selected Optional Table A items that can be added to the survey. These surveys are usually requested by a lender for a commercial or industrial project. We have provided ALTA/NSPS surveys for apartment complexes, solar farms, industrial sites,  shopping centers and other commercial properties.

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Parcel maps, Boundary Line Adjustments, & Reversion to Acreage Maps

Changing existing lot lines

We can prepare Parcel Maps to create new parcels, Boundary Line Adjustments to revise existing lot lines and Reversion to Acreage maps to remove lot lines from a parcel. We are very familiar with City and County requirements associated with these applications.

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Topographic Mapping

Design Surveys

We provide topographic mapping for design of residential and commercial sites. We can utilize aerial mapping by aircraft or drones, GPS surveys as well as conventional surveying depending on site conditions.

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 FEMA Elevation Certificates  & LOMAs

When your property is in a flood zone

We specialize in providing FEMA Elevation Certificates and preparation of Letters of Map Amendments (LOMAs). We've been very successful in helping homeowners remove the need to pay for flood insurance.


Boundary Surveys

Experience Counts

Having a fence dispute with a neighbor?
With 30+ years of experience in conducting boundary surveys in this region you will be hiring a PLS who has provided hundreds of surveys, ranging from simple to complex boundary resolutions.

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